Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rethink: You, Your Space, How You Shop

What you need to do
Changing your home’s style and decor can be a great way to re-energize yourself and feel better. Don’t you wish you could restyle your home without worrying about what fits with your home and personal style?

What we do
We have taken the guesswork out of interior decorating with our exclusive in-home consultations. Through this service, which is available to everyone, we create a custom d├ęcor for your home with the products found at MIYO Home.

The process is effortless. Arrange a one-on-one consultation with our interior-decorating experts. Just bring in any floor plans, layouts and general ideas of what you are looking for. This will help the MIYO Home experts determine the perfect style for you. The goal is to bring together pieces that work well with each other and your own personal style.

The MIYO Home experts will determine a layout, a color palette and a furniture/accessory plan creating an individual or overall theme for your apartment or entire home.

How we do it
After the initial assessment, a series of unique accents, furniture and other MIYO Home pieces are shipped directly to your home where they are assembled and creatively placed according to your customized plan. This process usually takes about five to seven days.

Once assembled, you then have the opportunity to select some or all of the items to purchase. No need to wait for the actual items to reach your door, because they are already set up for you to immediately enjoy.

MIYO Home’s in-home consultation is also a great resource for interior designers looking for ideas. Simply bring in as much of your client’s likes and dislikes as possible and we will do the rest.

To find out more about MIYO Home’s in-home consultation and their products, call 305-576-4170 or visit the store directly across from The Shops at Midtown Miami.