Friday, March 6, 2009

What's Next in 2009

MIYO Home is the premier destination to find the latest trends in home furnishings. From your everyday consumer to interior designers and architects, we have everything you are looking for to turn your house into a beautiful, stylish home.

One of the most notable trends of 2008 was the movement to support sustainable products. This trend is poised to continue well through 2009, and MIYO Home has some of the recycled products you will need to make your home sustainable.

For outdoor entertaining, MIYO Home’s line of railway wood tables creates the perfect blend of antique, modern, recycled materials and chic design. The tops of these unique tables are crafted from re-appropriated old railroad ties creating a rich texture and bold look. The table’s legs and feet are constructed from durable stainless steel to incorporate a sleek, modern look. The result is a piece that not only tells a story of a previous life, but inspires.

MIYO Home also carries several lines of furniture fabricated from recycled PET plastics, the material used to make soda and water bottles. The plastic, which is not biodegradable, is reformed to take the shape of day beds, side tables and more, in a variety of colors. MIYO Home’s outdoor Wave sun bed, exclusive MEX collection and Soho benches are just some of the pieces crafted from this plastic. These pieces all blend comfort, environmental responsibility and elegance.

Interior Designers
Interior designers and decorators can find the latest accent and furnishing trends at MIYO Home. Just arrived for 2009 are MIYO Home’s plush leather sofas, which are already popular among European furnishing shows. Many anticipate their sleek design and high-grade leather to take the U.S. by storm this year. Available in white, black and brown leather, these sofas are the perfect piece to compliment or starting point a client’s room design.

Simple and elegant lacquer accents are quickly becoming popular too. MIYO Home has a wide selection to suit your clients’ needs including vases, stools and chairs.

Just as unique glass basins have shown to be a hot item, stone basins are now poised to become the sink to have. MIYO Home is the perfect resource for architects to find rustic stone basins that will turn a bathroom into a work of art.

Architects can also take advantage of MIYO Home’s selection of ancient Balinese temple columns that will add the perfect touch of exotic detail a client is looking for. These are actual beams and architectural elements salvaged from the temples and shipped to Miami. The exotic and authentic aura these pieces have is always in style.

All of these items can be found online and at MIYO Home’s showroom. Check out these stylish pieces for yourself today.